pthread_self() problem in DRD

Paul Floyd pjfloyd at
Sat Dec 19 12:02:49 UTC 2020


I'm trying to debug an issue in DRD (a thread hazard detection tool, 
part of Valgrind). There is an issue when using shared libraries.

A detailed description is here

In short, the flow of events is

 1. [guest] The DRD init function gets called (as it is marked
 2. [guest] DRD init sets the current thread id, calling pthread_self()
    and using a client request.
 3. [host] DRD_(thread_set_pthreadid)() gets called, and it is passed
    the DRD tid and the value obtained from pthread_self().
 4. [guest] The testcase does a dlopen() and then calls a function in
    the shared library
 5. [guest] the shard lib function calls pthread_create
 6. [host] pthread_create gets intercepted and performs another call to

I've marked thinks as guest/host, in reality there is only one process 

The problem is that the thread id obtained in step 3 is not the same as 
the one obtained in step 6. The result is an assert.

Two questions

 1. Is there any reason why pthread_self() should return different
    values when executed from a constructor and then from a dlopen()'d
 2. Is there any initialization code that affects the value returned by
    pthread_self()? It's possible that something is missing.



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