list of valid ABI combinations

Dan Langille dan at
Thu Apr 9 15:02:20 UTC 2020


I'm looking to add package support to FreshPorts - so you can know if a package exists for a given ABI (e.g. FreeBSD:12:amd64).

The goal, write a script which does something like this:

  for abi in $ABIS
    fetch -o abi. packagesite.txz$abi/latest/packagesite.txz
    # parse the file, updating the database

Is there a list of current valid ABI combinations.

I see a list at - is this manually maintained?

While my goal is to have FreshPorts require minimal intervention, I suppose new ABI combinations do not come along frequently and could be maintained manually. It does not seem like a huge task.

More details here:

Thank you

  Dan Langille
  dan at

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