bmake: variable modifiers in SysV include

Pietro Cerutti gahr at
Fri Mar 30 08:38:17 UTC 2018

On Mar 28 18 17:13, Simon J. Gerraty wrote:
>Pietro Cerutti <gahr at> wrote:
>> our make (contrib/bmake) does not currently support variable modifiers
>> in SysV-style "include" directives. See this simple example:
>> Apart from parentheses reshuffling, the patch just removes a check
>> that inhibits SysV inclusion if the line being parsed contains a colon
>> (:) character.
>> This has been there since bmake has supported SysV includes [2].
>> Questions:
>> 1. Any ideas why the check is there, and what problem it's preventing?
>> 2. Anybody with src bit would like to approve me committing the fix?
>Can you pls fwd your issue to tech-toolchain at (cc me)
>that way whoever it was who added the support for sysV style include
>can comment.

Hi Simon,

I can't reply to Christos' email properly because I'm not subscribed to 
that ML. Anyway, it looks like the original reason for the check on the 
colon doesn't look too sustainable anymore :)

Would you like to commit my fix to NetBSD?


Pietro Cerutti
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