[GSOC] Convert all PCI driver attachments to be table driven and mark with PNP_INFO

Lakhan Shiva lakhanshiva at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 04:34:43 UTC 2018

 Hi Everyone!

My name is Lakhan Kamireddy. I am a second year graduate student at
University of Colorado Boulder.

I am interested in the project to "Convert all PCI driver attachments to be
table driven and mark with PNP_INFO"

A little bio about me:
I have a BE degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from a reputed
national institute in India. I am more into Embedded Systems, Firmware
programming and VLSI D&V.  Last year summer, I was an intern at Google,
Sunnyvale office in Califronia,as a Hardware Engineering intern and
developed a Formal Verification library (SystemVerilog and Perl) which
falls under RTL design and Verification domain.

I have pursued some graduate level courses like Embedded System Design,
Internet of Things Firmware, Logic Synthesis and Optimization, Computer
Aided Verification(Formal Verification) at the University of Colorado
Boulder in the past years .

I think this would be a great project and would like to come up with a
proposal for this.

Kindly get in touch if you have any more ideas or tasks to get started.

Lakhan Kamireddy

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