GSoC idea: Improve support for an embedded CPU/board

Darshan Sharma thedarshansharma at
Fri Mar 16 02:22:40 UTC 2018

I am Darshan Sharma a CSE student from Panjab University, India. I like the
idea of -
Improve support for an embedded CPU/board
I will choose an arm based board for this because that is more easily
available in our country. Though I have not selected any specific board yet
but soon will.
I have used Gentoo before so I am already familiar with kernel programming.
I will be happy to learn new things which will stand in my way and I am sure
 enough that I can complete the project in the given time.

Is there anyone who is willing to mentor this project? I will discuss this
more with you.

My GitHub Profile -
My Linkedin Profile -

Thanks & Regards,
Darshan Sharma

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