[GSoC] Dual-stack ping command

Christopher Bailey chris at chrisbailey.io
Tue Mar 13 02:22:22 UTC 2018


I’m an undergraduate computer science student at the University of
Alaska Fairbanks. I’m interested in unifying ping and ping6 into a
single command, because it’s one of the suggested ideas on the wiki,
it’s something that’s mildly irritated me in the past, and I believe I
have the necessary skills to accomplish it.

>From looking at the source code to the two existing commands, this
project looks pretty straightforward. There could be some
complications I’m missing though, so I’d be interested to hear from
more experienced developers if there are.

Also, apologies if I did anything wrong in sending this email. I’ve
been following the FreeBSD lists for a while, but this is the first
time I’ve sent a message myself, so I’m new to the experience.

Chris Bailey

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