Possible GSoC idea, eBPF for FreeBSD

Yutaro Hayakawa yhayakawa3720 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 11:18:44 UTC 2018

Dear FreeBSD Hackers

Hello, this is Yutaro Hayakawa, master student of Keio University Japan.
Sorry if this mail was duplicated, I sent once with no membership. And
now I am a member of this mailing list.

I’m now working for implementing eBPF for FreeBSD. I had talk about this
in BSDCam2017 (https://wiki.freebsd.org/DevSummit/201708 <https://wiki.freebsd.org/DevSummit/201708>) and will make
talk in BSDCan2018 (https://lists.bsdcan.org/pipermail/bsdcan-announce/2018-March/000168.html <https://lists.bsdcan.org/pipermail/bsdcan-announce/2018-March/000168.html>).

Below you can see some work in progress codes.

eBPF itself: https://github.com/YutaroHayakawa/generic-ebpf <https://github.com/YutaroHayakawa/generic-ebpf>
eBPF + VALE software switch: https://github.com/YutaroHayakawa/vale-bpf <https://github.com/YutaroHayakawa/vale-bpf>

To move this work forward, I’d like to make this GSoC project. I have a rough idea
for what I do in 12weeks, but not yet discuss it with FreeBSD people.

Is there anyone who willing to mentor this work? Could you discuss about this with

Best Regards,

For the people attended to AsiaBSDCon2018, I hope you enjoy Tokyo!

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