reproducible builds of FreeBSD in a chroot on Linux

Holger Levsen holger at
Thu May 7 09:27:56 UTC 2015


I'm one of the people involved in
and have set up which continously tests all
packages in the Debian archive for build reproducibility (so far on amd64

For those who don't know, reproducible builds enable everyone to independently
verify that a given binary comes from specific source. This also allows to
indirectly verify that one's build system has not been tempered with - and
more. Please check the first URL of this mail for "the rest of the story".

And then someone pointed me to
- kudos for how far you already!(!!)

So now I would like to build freebsd myself, twice, and compare the results
and show these results as in - and then
quite probably set up a jenkins job on and do this every

Here's the catch: I have basically no clue about freebsd - and I want to
build on Debian linux (on amd64) in a chroot. (And, it will need you people to
look at the results and eventually fix them!) ;-) 

So maybe can you help me with my next step. I've found the github freebsd
repo and cloned it, how to proceed further now?

$ make buildworld
Makefile:137: *** missing separator.  Stop.

in the master branch of git:// wasn't right.. :/ ;)

Thanks for any help and pointers! I've tried to find documentation on this but
had no luck so I figured  I could just ask...


(please cc: me I'm not subscribed.)
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