Replacing rc(8) (Was: FreeBSD Boot Times)

Atte Peltomäki atte.peltomaki at
Fri Jun 15 12:54:36 UTC 2012

On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 02:09:38PM -0400, Richard Yao wrote:
> Also, I am certain that the OpenRC developers would be thrilled if
> FreeBSD adopted OpenRC. If FreeBSD core is interested in OpenRC, feel
> free to contact the OpenRC and/or the Gentoo FreeBSD developers. We
> would all love to see OpenRC in upstream FreeBSD.

Replacing rc(8) has a lot of risks and not many benefits. Current system
is somewhat limited, but it works, it's simple to understand and
everyone already knows it and uses it.

Solaris SMF is by far the most advanced bootup/service manager I've come
across, even though it's UI is somewhat irritating. When configured
correctly, you can trust SMF to deal with any problem; when a needed
resource for a given service is down, that service isn't started. When
the service is malfunctioning, it's restarted at a configured interval
or marked as malfunctioning and stopped and admin is contacted. And so
forth. Faster boot times come as a simple added bonus from proper

Anyone serious about replacing rc(8) should take a good look at SMF 
feature list, then decide if such a thing is worth spending time 
reimplementing. Doing a dozen half-assed implementations like Linux is
doing is just dumb and aggravates sysadmins.

Personally, as much as I like power of SMF, I think FreeBSD devs have
much more important (and interesting) things to do.

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