[nvi-iconv]Call for test

Zhihao Yuan lichray at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 04:17:19 UTC 2011


I uploaded a revision,

** This patch works for cvs/svn/git, but you have to remove
usr.bin/vi/port.h by hand. **

In this version, I hacked the CJK part. Now all EUC-compatible encodings are
being regarded as GB18030. Note! This change only affects how the text are
being displayed. It has nothing to do with the actual encoding.

The benefits are:

1. GB18030 works with libncursesw, but some other CJK encodings may not;.
2. AFAIK, GB18030 (Unicode 4.1) covers all CJK charsets, so it's good for
mixed-lingual editing.

Affected LC_CTYPE in FreeBSD:

ko_KR.CP949, ko_KR.eucKR
zh_CN.GB2312, zh_CN.GBK, zh_CN.eucCN

If you any locale above (especially for Japanese, Korean users), please help
me test whether the CJK text (in any kind of encodings) are being handled
correctly. Thanks.

Zhihao Yuan, nickname lichray
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