MAC Framework, retreiving information from sysctl

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Fri Oct 7 14:48:45 UTC 2011


 Once again I would like to ask some question about kernel module 
 programming using the MAC framework - but this time it may not be 
 strictly related to MAC.

 So, I have made a simple security module (which I will publish as soon 
 as I'll finish it), and now I'd like to have some nice tool to modify 
 it's "rules" from the userland. Exactly the same thing is done by 
 ugidfw, to modify bsdextended rules.

 But, here the problem appears - I don't know how to perform that. I've 
 got a simple, two-dimensional array which contains these "rules" (if I 
 can call them that way), and I would like to modify that array from the 
 userland. So, I guess the best way to do so would be sysctl(3). This is 
 what I've created, after reading mac_bsdextended source:

 kernel module:

 static int
  // ... some code to parse what has been sent ...
  return (0);

 SYSCTL_NODE(_security_somemodule, OID_AUTO, rules,
     CTLFLAG_MPSAFE | CTLFLAG_RW, sysctl_rule, "Some description");

 And now I should be able to send some data using sysctl(3). But I 
 really don't know how - and here my question comes. How should I send 
 this data? How should I parse SYSCTL_HANDLER_ARGS (from struct.h: 
 #define SYSCTL_HANDLER_ARGS struct sysctl_oid *oidp, void *arg1, int 
 arg2, struct sysctl_req *req */) to edit my array?

 I will be grateful for any help - this is the only thing that remained 
 in this project... ;)

 Jakub 'samu' Szafrański

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