Does anyone use nscd?

Daniel O'Connor doconnor at
Wed Oct 5 03:02:42 UTC 2011

On 05/10/2011, at 1:50, Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
> I ask because when I cleaned up a slew of aliasing bugs a couple of
> years ago, I believe I may have introduced a bug; I got exactly two
> complaints, and neither of the complainants could be bothered to try the
> workaround I suggested and report back.
> Although the code quality is atrocious, nscd is actually a pretty good
> idea.  I suspect the reason why nobody uses it is that it's off by
> default and people simply don't know about it.  Besides nuking it, which
> would be a shame, we have a range of options, from "just fixing the bug
> so those who want to use it can" in one end to "finding someone willing
> to clean it up and maintain it and enable it by default" in the other.
> (no, I'm not volunteering to maintain it)

I'd be interested in testing your workaround(s) :)

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