an alternative to powerpoint

Luigi Rizzo rizzo at
Tue Jul 13 04:23:44 UTC 2010

Maybe you all love powerpoint for presentations, but sometimes
one just needs to put together a few slides, perhaps a few bullets
or images grabbed around the net, so i was wondering how hard
would it be to do something that accepts a plain text file
as input (without a ton of formatting) and lets you do a decent
slide show, and supports editing the slides on the fly within
the browser.

Well, it's not too hard:

just 400 lines of javascript and 100 lines of css, plus
your human-readable text.

Have fun, it would be great if you could report how it works
on fancy devices (iphone, ipad, androids...) as my testing
platforms are limited to Firefox, IE and chrome (which unfortunately
cannot save the edited file)


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