Is there a boot manager that can handle this?

Doug Barton dougb at
Thu Aug 26 23:47:41 UTC 2010


I'm looking to have the following on 1 disk:

Primary partitions:
Windows XP, FreeBSD 9-current, FreeBSD 7-stable

Extended partition:
FAT32 data volume, Ubuntu Linux

I have all that installed now (or did anyway) but what I can't do is
boot all of it. Our boot manager would be fine for my taste, but doesn't
seem to handle booting from a logical volume at all. The latest version
of grub that came with Ubuntu works fine for that, and can handle the
Windows and the *1st* FreeBSD partition just fine, but if I try to boot
the 2nd FreeBSD partition grub just boots the first one again. I got
some help from some Linux folks on some commands for grub that allowed
me to "hide" the first FreeBSD partition, but what that seems to have
done is change the partition type. When I tried changing it back and
booting FreeBSD the data in the partition was gone. (No harm done, I
have everything backed up and I hadn't started work on the FreeBSD
partition, but still ...)

So what I'm looking for is a boot manager that can do all this with
minimal fuss, and without destroying my data. :)  Any suggestions?

BTW, the current arrangement is:
Windows, Extended, FreeBSD, FreeBSD

I thought of changing that to:
Windows, FreeBSD, Extended, FreeBSD

to see if that helps grub be less confused, but I'd prefer not to do
that work unless a) someone can tell me that it will work for sure, or
b) no other alternatives are forthcoming.



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