Why doesn't ppc(4) check non-ENXIO failures during probe?

John Baldwin jhb at freebsd.org
Mon Aug 16 21:16:03 UTC 2010

On Sunday, August 15, 2010 1:33:38 am Garrett Cooper wrote:
>     One thing that's puzzling me about the ppc(4) driver's ISA
> routines is that it only checks to see whether or not the device has
> an IO error:

Your patch would break hinted ppc devices.  ENXIO means that the device_t 
being probed has an ISA PNP ID, but it does not match any of the IDs in the 
list.  ENONET means that the device_t does not have an ISA ID at all.  For the 
isa bus that means it was explicitly created via a set of ppc.X hints.

John Baldwin

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