glabel "force sectorsize" patch

Pawel Jakub Dawidek pjd at
Sun Aug 8 13:07:25 UTC 2010

On Sun, Aug 08, 2010 at 02:57:20PM +0200, Marius Nünnerich wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 8, 2010 at 14:02, Ivan Voras <ivoras at> wrote:
> > I'd like to hear comments from the wider audience. In respect with your
> > comment, I will compromise: as 4k sector drives have become available
> > over the counter more than 6 months ago and so far I think this is the
> > first effort to give some support for them, I will commit this patch
> > before 9.0 code freeze only if no other support gets developed.
> I do not like this at all. Even if it's just for the KISS and POLA
> principles. A geom should do one thing and do it right imo.
> Why not write a new geom class that does what you want?

New GEOM class only for sectorsize conversion that can operate on
metadata will be useful, not only to solve this particular problem.
Although keep in mind that if at some point disks will be detected and
presented as 4kB providers to the GEOM, this class won't be able to find
its metadata anymore (as it was stored in the last 512 bytes, not in the
last 4 kilobytes).

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