PCI config space is not restored upon resume (macbook pro)

Jung-uk Kim jkim at FreeBSD.org
Thu Aug 5 20:35:17 UTC 2010

On Thursday 05 August 2010 04:00 pm, Christian Zander wrote:
> When using the NVIDIA driver, you will need to make sure that
> you're using 256.44, you'll need to be running X at the time of
> entry to S3/S4, and you'll need to make sure you've switched
> away from X's VT (this didn't happen automatically on FreeBSD
> last time I checked).

We *do* switch VTs unless it is explicitly turned off by 'sysctl 
hw.syscons.sc_no_suspend_vtswitch=1'.  However, it was slightly 
broken but I fixed it recently.


> However, NVIDIA suspend/resume is largely untested on FreeBSD.

That's very sad news. :-(

Jung-uk Kim

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