Failure to boot from HD formatted not by FreeBSD

Andrew Lankford lankfordandrew at
Fri Oct 23 01:12:30 UTC 2009

Looks to me like you're trying to get your computer to dual-boot Vista 
and FreeBSD 8.0, something I finally succeeded in doing.  If by "MBR" 
you mean the first-stage boot program (512 bytes), I couldn't get that 
to work, nor could I use the standard boot0 menu from FreeBSD.  I'm 
using the windows boot program instead.  I think what I did was copy 
"/boot/boot1" from my root partition to my NTFS partition and then added 
an option to the Windows boot menu to boot with it. 

I get the GEOM "track boundary" complaint when I boot up as well.   The 
FBSD 8.0 kernel has a new option 'GEOM_PART_MBR" on by default.   Vista 
insisted on partitioning my drive, so if the new partition handler 
doesn't like it, it can lump it.  In order to get the 8.0 kernel to 
recognise your old partitions, you need the "GEOM_MBR" option 
activated.  That means you need to load "geom_mbr.ko" into memory before 
you load and boot from the 8.0 kernel.  If you're booting from a FreeBSD 
8.0 CD directly into sysinstall, you can escape to a shell and kldload 
geom_mbr.ko, but you have to then restart sysinstall without rebooting 
the computer in order for your hard disk partitions to show up.  The 
only reliable way I could find to restart systinstall without rebooting 
was by pressing the power button.  Wierd, eh?  I added "option GEOM_MBR" 
back into my kernel, recompiled, fiddled with my network settings, and 
now everything seems to work alright.

Anyway, all this procedure should be 75% correct since I've managed to 
successfully upgrade to 8.0 from 7-stable this way.  For all I know, I 
might end up with a corrupted partition six months from now.  Either 
that or Marcel Moolenar will get angry at me.


Andrew Lankford

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