FreeBSD DAQ Card Facility [DCF]

Manuel Gebele forensixs at
Wed Oct 21 12:01:23 UTC 2009

on 21/10/2009 12:20 Dag-Erling Smørgrav said the following:
> I don't understand why it has to be so complicated.
> What's wrong with just "DAQ"? [...]

What please is complicated in ``FreeBSD DAQ Facility''?
Whats about KLD ``Dynamic Kernel Linker Facility''?

BTW, if I send you a private email and you answer to the list, it
would be great if you could put in all of the email content:

on 20/10/2009 15:24 Dag-Erling Smørgrav said the following:
> First, when you answer a question on a mailing list,
> it is customary to use your MUA's "reply" function and
> to quote the question.  Otherwise, there is nothing to
> tie the answer to the question, and nobody will understand
> anything, except possibly the person who asked the question
> in the first place. [...]

Oh, my mistake sorry for that. I'm not an ML expert at all,
and that was my first message to a list (in that 'reply'

> That being taken care of - the reason I asked is that
> to me (and to many other time boffins and NTP
> fundamentalists), DCF is a longwave radio station in
> Frankfurt which is commonly used as an external reference
> for NTP servers.

DCF(77) is in the near of "Frankfurt am Main (not Oder)"
thats true. On the other side, there are so many definitions
for DCF; Data Capture Facility, Data Compression Facility
and so on (look at
We get problems if we open ``/dev/dcf77'' --maybe =)

Whats about the MSF station in Rugby --england?

MSF - Microsoft Solutions Framework (please no jokes about $MS)
MSF - Metasploit Framework

Whats about code with an 'VLF' acronym =) ? --better not

But I understand your point, maybe we should exclude any

> I would have just called it DAQ, which as you know is
> an established abbreviation for "Data Acquisition". [...]

I have no objection to that naming. Maybe I should call it
just ``FreeBSD DAQ Facility'' (FDF).

Manuel Gebele
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