RFC: Big Makefile patch for WARNS settings

Gabor Kovesdan gabor at FreeBSD.org
Mon Oct 12 09:57:11 UTC 2009

Ed Schouten escribió:
> Hi Ulrich,
> * Ulrich Spörlein <uqs at spoerlein.net> wrote:
>> Comments? Committers?
> Wouldn't it better to address the root of the problem while there? ;-)
What I noticed is that the patch sets WARNS?=0 for a lot of utilities, 
which actually have higher WARNS-compliance. Even if we don't "address 
the root of the problem" right now, it would be nice to elaborate and 
set each WARNS level at the higher value possible.For example, 
usr.bin/ul is marked as 0 by the patch but it seems to me it is WARNS=6 
clean. I don't know the last sources, though, but I'm sure it will 
compile with at least WARNS=3.

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