sysinstall colours

Randi Harper randi at
Sat Oct 10 00:27:55 UTC 2009

On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 12:52 PM, Alexander Best <
alexbestms at> wrote:

> hi there,
> sysinstall is probably one of those ancient relics everybody tries to avoid
> dealing with from a developers point of view but i just found this
> beautiful
> screenie of a (probably) ncurse-based installer:
> i was surprised how much better it looks with those nice colours compared
> to
> sysinstall.
> is there any way the sysinstall colours could be adjusted (without a lot of
> work) to also feature such beautiful colours? i had a quick look at the
> sysinstall, libdialog and ncurses sources and to me it seems that to change
> sysinstall's colours the hardcoded values of
> have to be changed in contrib/ncurses/ncurses/base/lib_color.c or is there
> an
> easier way? because this would of course affect all apps that are linked to
> ncurses.
> cheers.
> alex

Seriously?!?!?! All the problems with sysinstall, and your idea is to change
the color? Are you trying to start a bikeshed? If so, I prefer pink.

-- randi

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