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Mohacsi Janos mohacsi at niif.hu
Mon Mar 31 12:36:18 PDT 2008

On Mon, 31 Mar 2008, Patrick Dung wrote:

> Hello
> I have some suggestions about improving FreeBSD in some of the
> areas/features. Let's discuss.
> 1. Cluster capability
> As I know, there is:
> - Linux HA heartbeart in ports
> - LVS (Linux Virtual Server for load balancing) for FreeBSD 5.3 in
> http://dragon.linux-vs.org/~dragonfly/htm/lvs_freebsd.htm
> - SunGrid in ports.
> But looks like there is no native FreeBSD clustering/load balancing
> tools to do it in 'a FreeBSD way'.

There is *BSD way of doing loadbalancing with pf. A big plus is the pf 
supports IPv6, while LVS does not.

> 2. Networking support
> As we know FreeBSD has a good history/reputation on networking.
> FreeBSD lacks these support:
> a) MPLS
> For MPLS, Linux has project working since around in 2001.
> It is called mpls-linux in Sourceforge.
> There was a project to port Ayame to NetBSD 4.0 current, but I don't
> know about the outcome.
> b) NAT-T on IPSEC
> I see NAT-T patch for FreeBSD 6 in 2005 but the patch not in
> As I know, there maybe patent infringement for NAT-T.
> But I see NetBSD 3.0 (with warning) and Linux has NAT-T support out of
> the box.
> http://netbsd.gw.com/cgi-bin/man-cgi?ipsec++NetBSD-3.0
> c) multiple default gateways
> Looks like FreeBSD do not support metrics in 'route'.

This is sometime missing. OpenBSD has good support for it - maybe can be 
ported from OpenBSD.

> 3. Support LDAP SSO out of the box
> Linux/Solaris/AIX have native LDAP SSO support.
> I have asked about this feature before.
> The problem is whether it should integrate OpenLDAP to base system.
> BTW, I see ISC Bind, Sendmail and Amd automounter is in base.

unfortunately you have to use the ports for this....

> 4. LVM and file systems
> As of FreeBSD 7.0, ZFS is ported.
> This is great as FreeBSD do not have LVM in the past.
> I am sure there is still room for improvement.
> For example: ZFS/UFS shrink support, native file system journaling.
> Regards
> Patrick

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