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Shannon Hendrix shannon at
Fri Mar 28 11:14:43 PDT 2008

 From mailing list archives:

> I wrote some add-on bits for /etc/ in 4.x that compares  
> the link addresses of attached network interfaces to a list of link  
> addresses, then sets ifconfig_ifN* variables accordingly before  
> does anything. It provides a means of wiring IP addresses  
> to physical ports in a way that gets around the problem of probe  
> order. If there's interest, I'll get to work on an rcNG version.

I would be interested in seeing this.

I build custom machines for a company I work for, and one of our  
requirements is the ability to number the network ports.

End users configure our software based on which port they use, so we  
need steady numbering of the ports, even when one customer machine  
might have different cards and number of cards.

We basically want the order to be:

0-N		motherboard ports
N+1 -> M	card ports

It sounds like your script might work, given the apparent absence of  
geographic mapping in most current systems.

Thanks for any help.

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