cron(8) related summer of code project

Kris Kennaway kris at
Sun Mar 23 11:42:33 UTC 2008

Pavel Prokharau wrote:
> I was thinking about updating our cron(8) implementation. This project is
> mentioned in ideas list
> For now my proposal is following:
> * update the code base to ISC (OpenBSD already has it for a while)
> * incorporate changes other BSDs has. First of all it's trivial security
> fixes OpenBSD has (like strcpy -> strlcpy)
> * atrun(8) improvements as mentioned on ideas page
> * add privilege separation to cron(8). Its code base is really old and
> likely to have security bugs.
> I'd like this work to be done a summer of code project. But I'm not sure
> if amount of work proposed sufficient for summer of code.
> If you have some ideas about further improvements to cron(8) I'd be glad
> hear them and work on it.

I think these are good ideas but as you say it doesn't sound like 3 
months worth of work.  If you would like to submit a proposal relating 
to this project I think you will need to propose additional tasks to 
meet the length expectation.


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