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Max Laier max at love2party.net
Fri Mar 21 20:44:21 UTC 2008

On Friday 21 March 2008 21:03:19 Kai Wang wrote:
> Hi list,
> I'm working on a BSD Licensed objcopy/strip rewrite(in p4) based on
> libelf, I really want to know the answers to a few questions listed
> below, and please do not hesitate if you have other related
> suggestions.  Thanks in advance!
> 1. Do you often use object/strip on 'ar' archives?
> 2. Do you often convert ELF to raw binary, iHex, S-Record or
> vice versa?
> 3. What features do you like to add into objcopy?
> 4. What features would be useful for FreeBSD build system
> and is currently missing in objcopy?

take a look at how we currently build firmware(9) modules (this concerns 
2-4).  Right now we use ld to convert a raw binary to something we can 
link and have basic symbols to find the start and length of the binary.  
This works, but not for all archs (ia64) and could be more comfortable.  
I remember that we tried GNU objcopy at first, but it didn't give what we 
were looking for - don't recall details, though.  Let me know if you have 
questions about this.

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