Vital Patches for ataraid with Intel Matrix RAID (ICH7)

Stef Walter stef-list at
Thu Mar 20 13:40:23 UTC 2008

Here's some vital patches for the ataraid driver when using Intel Matrix
RAID (often found built into mainboards these days).

These are problems that will bite at the worst time: When a disk goes
out in your RAID.

A combined patch is attached which applies to FreeBSD 6 and 7, and the
various specific problem reports and issues are outlined below.


Stef Walter

Fix an early boot panic if you reboot with all drives present when your
RAID is marked DEGRADED. This can happen if a drive has an unreadable
block and the drive gets detached from the RAID. Rebooting at this point
will panic. Yoichi created a patch for this over a year ago.

Don't duplicate the RAID amoeba style if you boot with a drive present
that was detached from a RAID. This can happen if you manage to get past
the above panic problem. You'll end up with two devices like ar0 and
ar1. This can be a major mess if ar1 was already contained active file

If you reboot after adding a spare, or during the rebuilding process,
the RAID will become magically READY by itself. Not cool.

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