vkernel & GSoC, some questions

Oliver Fromme olli at lurza.secnetix.de
Wed Mar 19 16:33:59 UTC 2008


Sorry for jumping in here, but I've seen several people
talking about that "5 seconds to reboot" thing ...
Are you aware that a standard FreeBSD kernel also takes
just 5 seconds to reboot within qemu?  And that's even
when _not_ using the kqemu accelerator module.

I've used qemu a lot for debugging my /boot/loader stuff.
It takes just about 1 second to get to the loader (i.e.
from starting qemu on the command line to the loader menu
popping up on the screen).  Going single-user takes about
3 seconds.  Going multi-user takes a little bit longer,
depending on what stuff is enabled via rc.conf.

The vkernel feature has certainly benefits, e.g. the fact
that you can attach to it with standard gdb and use the
familiar debugging facilities, which can attract more
developers who wouldn't dare to touch the kernel otherwise.
But the "5 seconds to reboot" is not a unique feature;
you can have that with qemu as well, and it's there today.

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