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> I have 4 computers, 1 big FreeBSD-current (4 x86 procs), 2 GentooLinux (1
> is a dial AMD Opteron, the other a dual older x86), and 1 MacOSX (dual
> PPC).  I was thinking about looking for two items, I'm not sure if I want
> one or both of them: either some software to let me merely remotely manage
> them (public software, mind) or, even better, something to get these
> disparate hardwares to be able to work together, and (as much as possible)
> to be able to share work.
> What might be the best, in terms of ability, and especially the ability to
> make these work together?  If they're not a FreeBSD port, as long as
> they're reasonably stable, I don't mind porting things, but it needs to be
> stable on all those CPUs.  Could you reo\commend me something?  I'll go
> chase each one down, I won't jump on you if you're wrong, gimme your
> guesses, ok?

Your question is extraordinarily vague.  I manage multiple systems
remotely using ssh, so I'm not sure what additional "stuff" you want.

However, here are some links that may provide some help.  All of these
are FreeBSD ports, and I'm fairly sure they'll work on Gentoo and
OSX as well:

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