Summer of Code 2008 Project Ideas

Murray Stokely murray at
Mon Mar 17 22:49:19 UTC 2008

The FreeBSD Project was again accepted as a mentoring organization for
the Google Summer of Code.  The student application period will begin
next week so if you have any ideas for great student projects, please
send them to soc-admins at or post them here for discussion.
A good student project has a well defined purpose, some key FreeBSD
developers that could be identified as potential mentors, and is
feasible for a student to complete in a few months time.  The existing
ideas list is available here :

 If you can suggest something (getting specific parts of valgrind
working on FreeBSD?) then please provide information in the form of
the other projects listed on the page as far as difficulty level,
requirements, etc..


        - Murray

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