valgrind on FreeBSD 7

Heiko Wundram modelnine at
Mon Mar 17 21:13:07 UTC 2008

Hey all!

It's been some time now, and I just wanted to ping quietly whether there's any 
chance to get (a preview of) the valgrind adapted for FreeBSD 7.

I'm currently hitting a point in my development where compiling the code on 
Linux to run valgrind simply won't do anymore, because of code dependencies 
on FreeBSD (generally, the Bluetooth framework, which is completely different 
on Linux, and I'm not prepared to make the code portable just yet ;-)).

I know there's work on getting valgrind to run on AMD64 (which should also be 
adapted for FreeBSD 7, I presume), but pointing me at Perforce to check it 
out is a futile task, I guess, as I didn't manage to find it in the FreeBSD 
perforce repository the last time I looked (and was pointed there), but 
that's probably due to my personal stupidity in using the web-frontend for 
Perforce (which I find absolutely horrible).

Thanks for any pointer/hint/message!

Heiko Wundram

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