vkernel & GSoC, some questions

Julian Elischer julian at elischer.org
Mon Mar 17 21:09:13 UTC 2008

Matthew Dillon wrote:

>     In all three cases the emulated hardware -- disk and network basically,
>     devolves down into calling read() or write() or the real-kernel
>     equivalent.  A hypervisor has the most work to do since it is trying to
>     emulate a hardware interface (adding another layer).  XEN has less work
>     to do as it is really not trying to emulate hardware.  A vkernel has
>     even less work to do because it is running as a userland program and can
>     simply make the appropriate system call to implement the back-end.

And jails and similar have the absolute minimum..
at the cost of making a single accessible point of failure
(the one kernel).

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