Memory Locking On 64-Bit Release 6.3

Frank Mitchell mitchell at
Thu Mar 13 18:11:00 UTC 2008

My machine is an Economy Model, with 512 Meg RAM, including 64 Meg which is 
taken by Shared Video Memory, leaving 448 Meg usable.

But my program requirements are modest too. I'm developing 2  Root-Privileged 
Console Executables, each around 100 KB, using a total of 11 Shared Memory 
buffers, each 256 KB.

Faictz Ce Que Vouldras: Frank Mitchell

> On Sun, 9 Mar 2008 14:41:30 +0000 Frank Mitchell wrote:

>> Recompiling my root-privileged program, I get a System Call failure
>> for:
>> mlockall(MCL_CURRENT);
>> errno says: "Resource temporarily unavailable"

> how much memory is installed?

>> But mlock(); works.

> ... and how many bytes/pages do you lock in this operation?
> note that currently the 64-bit ELF ld wastes space by allocating larger
> memory blocks than its 32-bit counterpart.  this has been discussed
> before, but i don't remember any solution to the problem.
> regards, clemens

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