Versioned symbols

Adriano dos Santos Fernandes adrianosf at
Fri Mar 7 02:42:59 UTC 2008


First, sorry if this shouldn't belong to this list. If this is the case, 
please point me to the appropriate list.

I want to make versioned symbols as they work in Linux, but I had no 
success with FreeBSD.

Let me say, I've app, lib1 and lib2. lib1 and lib2 have two different 
functions, and I link app with both. They use the following version 
lib1 {

lib2 {

Then, I rebuild lib2 to have the same lib1 function, and when app calls 
that function (that nows exists in lib1 and lib2) the call go to lib2.

I suppose the app should call the lib1 function, as the imported 
function is defined with lib1 "namespace".

If you want, I can post a small test case.

Do exists any different on Linux and FreeBSD re. versioned symbols? Is 
there a way to achieve what I want?



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