make index during make release generates wrong INDEX file

Marco Walraven m.walraven at
Thu Mar 6 10:19:06 UTC 2008


I ran into a wrongly named INDEX file today after I did a 'make release' of RELENG_7 on a RELENG_6 system which includes the Ports Collection. The index file is named INDEX-6 instead of INDEX-7.

A quick look in Mk/ shows me that it will read the version from the param.h file found in either /usr/include/sys/ or /usr/src/sys/sys/ and will name the INDEX- file according to what it found. The first location holds the file from of my running system RELENG_6 (outcome of the make buildworld on which make release depends); the second location holds the RELENG_7 file, checked out during 'make release'. 

Shouldn't it check the param.h file that is in my chrooted environment and use the version it finds in there while doing a make release instead of the param.h from the make buildworld outcome ? Ofcourse this works fine if you are running, let's say RELENG_6 and you want to make a release for that branch as well cause then they are equal(ly).

Quickfix would be to specify OSVERSION in the make.conf; however if there is already a chrooted env why should you have to specify OSVERSION since it can get the exact version from the param.h file in the chrooted env ?



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