Comments on pmake diffs for building on Linux

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Thu Mar 6 05:54:53 UTC 2008

On Wed, Mar 05, 2008 at 03:03:44PM -0500, Chuck Robey wrote:
>I bet a very large portion of those among us who are professional codes
>have had been forced at some time to port our make, whether it was the
>original pmake, or the up-to-date version (I did the most up to date I
>could manage.

I looked at porting pmake to Tru64 about 9 years ago and rapidly
decided I couldn't justify the effort (I only wanted to port a couple
of FreeBSD utilities) and re-wrote the relevant Makefiles.  I applaud
Warner's efforts here as increasing the portability of FreeBSD
utilities is very worthwhile.

>The politicians amongst us will kill it, which I'm very osrry to predict

I hope not.

Peter Jeremy
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