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David O'Brien obrien at
Tue Mar 4 17:52:45 UTC 2008

On Tue, Mar 04, 2008 at 03:15:32PM +0000, Robert Watson wrote:
> In most ports of FreeBSD parts to Linux that I've seen, the preferred
> solution has to been to bring the entire FreeBSD queue.h with you
> rather than relying on the native Linux queue.h.  This is what we do
> for OpenBSM, for example; this also helps out when you get to Mac OS X,

We should stand back and divide the goal of building FreeBSD on MacOS X,
Solaris, and Linux this into two topics:

1. How to get a suitable set of build tools.  This is everything
   FreeBSD's src/ calls bootstrap, build, and cross tools.
   This will 90% require scripts and duplicated (but portable) sources
   in the projects CVS repository, with distfiles on
   These scripts and bootstrap tools should be able to depend on a
   checked out FreeBSD src/ tree to reach over into.  We would probably
   need to trim less of our GNU tools in src/contrib when we import them.

2. Given a suitable set of tools (probably in the number of 20), built
   and installed on your MacOS X, Solaris, or Linux hosts - how do we
   now build FreeBSD.  This is not the 'buildworld' or 'buildkernel'
   targets.  Those targets are explicitly designed to build FreeBSD
   on a FreeBSD system.  Those builds create bootstrap, build, and
   cross tools that we've covered in #1.
   I'm not sure how many folks know that this works (on FreeBSD):
        cd /usr/src
        make buildworld installworld
        make clean
   that is, a simple 'make' does build everything.  Why was the
   buildworld target created?  Because if your installed system
   does not 100% match your sources, you're doing a "cross build".
   Presumably we'd have to create a suitable target (say
   'nonhosted-cross') that sets up CC, AR, etc... macros to use
   the tools from #1.  DISTDIR would also need to be set.  This
   target would do something like:
        make includes   # this builds and installs
        make libaries   # I don't recall if this includes installing
        make installlibaries
        make all
        make install

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