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I have been researching this issue for almost a month now, and what I
have found is that you can bind the ports together for outbound traffic,
and the same can be done for inbound traffic, the problem comes when you
try to get the inbound packets, or sessions to dispurse across the
load-balanced ports. I.E.: Who is on the other side of the multiple
DSL/Cable links to filter the traffic across the associated pipes so as
to "balance the load," so to speak?

It can be done, however, without an upstream, or maybe a vps that is
being used as an external gateway, you will not be able to get the
different session traffic to load balance across the multiple links,
when downloading.

At least that seems to be the situation, without some nifty DNS tricks.
I have not seen how the "appliances" get around this, however, it took
me this long for either list that I was on, to even admitt that the
theory was not stupid, and to engage me in productive inquiry.

If you find anything else out on this topic, please let me know.

On Wed, 2008-06-25 at 00:07 +0000, Andres Chavez wrote:
> Hi, a friend is challenge me to make use of 3 different connections (one
> adsl, one cable, and one Evdo) as one single connection to internet, i
> believe for make faster downloads or something such, its that can be
> possible ?, if so, can anybody help me with this?, this sounds interesting
> for know tricks on the FreeBSD operating system, he need to use this box as
> the network manager and firewall as well, but the connection thing its
> killing me i dont know how.
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