Lack of Flash support is no longer acceptable. Bounty established...

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Wed Jun 25 09:10:08 UTC 2008


Mark Carlson wrote:
> On 6/24/08, Naram Qashat <cyberbotx at> wrote:
>> Julian Stacey wrote:
>>> Do you have a "How To" RTFM Cook book / script URL please ?
>>  I'd like to chime in here and say there is nothing special to get this
>> configuration to work.  Download the Windows version of Firefox and install
>> it via Wine, then download the Windows version of Flash for Firefox and
>> install that with Wine.  Once you do that, you have Flash in Firefox using
>> Wine.  Like has been said, Wine is far from perfect, but this works great
>> until a native Flash can be made for FreeBSD.
>>  Naram Qashat
> I'm not at my box right now, but it went something like this:
> 0. Install wine ( emulators/wine )
> 1. Download firefox for windows (
> )
> 2. Run: wine "Firefox Setup 3.0.exe"
> 3. Complete the installer
> 4. To run firefox you need to do something like: wine "C:/Program
> Files/Mozilla Firefox/firefox.exe" (I forget the exact path / command
> name)
> 5. Navigate to the adobe flash download page ( use goole or something
> ) and download the flash installer for windows.
> 6. When the download is complete, run it ( should be able to do this
> from the download manager in firefox )
> 7. Complete the flash installer ( this will require you to close
> firefox, so do that )
> 8. Start firefox again (see the wine firefox.exe command from above)
> 9. Create a script to start firefox under wine since the command is so ugly.
> I might write up some better instructions when I have the time, but I
> really don't have a good place to put them.
I tried this before and have a bad luck of not having working audio on 
flash, but today with new wine and FF3 it works.

Btw there is a small nasty problem copy/paste from wine app to native 
apps does not work. Ideas how to workaround this?
> -Mark C.
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