CFT: BSD-licensed grep [Fwd: cvs commit: ports/textproc/bsdgrep Makefile distinfo]

Kövesdán Gábor gabor at
Sun Jun 15 19:30:49 UTC 2008

Diomidis Spinellis escribió:
> Doug Barton wrote:
>> I use the following construct in portmaster, where pdb=/var/db/pkg, 
>> origin is set to the origin of a given port, and ro_opd is usually 
>> empty, but can be another origin directory or the same one. To 
>> guarantee that you should get some kind of results you can test with 
>> origin=devel/gettext.
>> egrep -l "DEPORIGIN:($origin|$ro_opd)$" $pdb/*/+CONTENTS
>> Obviously this works in portmaster with the gnu grep, but if ro_opd 
>> is unset with the bsd grep I get:
>> egrep: empty (sub)expression
> To avoid these problems I had proposed to instrument getopt to write 
> options passed through argv in a file, build all our ports, and look 
> at the options used.

Yes, of course, I haven't forgotten about your suggestion. First, I'd
like to process the trivial errors, which come up like this one and make
some tests myself. Then I'll think about this idea and ask portmgr to do
an exp-run with BSD grep.


Gabor Kovesdan

EMAIL: gabor at

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