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Mon Jun 9 19:03:06 UTC 2008

Hello everybody,

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if you've been around lately you might already know about our effort to 
provide periodical status reports about ongoing FreeBSD related WIPs.  
The past reports can be found at:

This system has some shortcomings however.  The biggest one is that due to 
the collection overhead and the high rate of exciting development under 
the FreeBSD umbrella most of the reports are somewhat outdated by the 
time they get to "print".  Other projects never are announced in the 
status reports because they happen in-between and fall through the 

In order to improve this situation we have created a new mailing list that 
should receive status reports from now on.  This list will be moderated 
in order to keep it close to the subject.  The intend is to make this an 
inviting place for people with little time to still stay on top of the 
latest and greatest in and around FreeBSD, but where one can avoid the 
chatter that comes with the technical debates on the normal lists.

For all developers, contributors, conference organizers, 3rd party 
distributions, SoC-students and whoeverelse has exciting news about their 
FreeBSD related project this means little work.  Most of you already are 
sending out announcement- and update-emails to lists like current@, net@ 
or whichever fits your project in order to inform the world about the 
progress you've made.  Now we would like to invite you to BCC: this email 
to freebsd-wip-status@ as well for maximum exposure.  Emails with a lot 
of gory, technical details are probably not suited for this list, but the 
usual: "Hey, I've got these cool patches to test.  Here is what they 
do: ..." most certainly is.

So this is really like the status reports before, but everybody subscribed 
can get the news when they happen (and not three month later when the 
next status reports are due).

I hope for your support in bootstrapping this idea.  During the next few 
weeks I'll keep a close eye on the lists I'm subscribed to and will 
encourage people to forward matching posts to freebsd-wip-status@  You 
are welcome to do the same.

We also plan to keep the status reports as is, but collecting the reports 
from this new list, too.  This should give the best of both worlds, we 

If you have any questions or would like to help with editing the status 
reports, please contact monthly at (reply-to set) or myself 

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