virtio drivers for freebsd

Sylvain Desbureaux sylvain.desbureaux at
Fri Jun 6 12:53:21 UTC 2008

Hi all,
I'm currently using linux KVM as an hypervisor and I would like to use
an old freebsd4 machine as a guest. The thing is that machine is very
network consuming, so it would be great to have special drivers.
KVM has now special drivers, based on the virtio specifications. These
drivers are compiled for windows and linux but unfortunately not for
BSD. I think that they are pretty simple in the guest side (75kb of
code for linux for example, for network and block device) but I'm not
very good in kernel driver compilation.
Do you think it could be interesting to integrate them as a module
into FreeBSD? I really think it could be interesting to have easily
Freebsd paravirtualized guest on top of KVM.

Anybody wanting to do that (I really would like to know how to do but
I'm not skilled enough)?

Thanks in advance for you answers :)


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