Kerberized CIFS client?

Harti Brandt hartmut.brandt at
Tue Jun 3 15:37:36 UTC 2008

On Tue, 3 Jun 2008, Derek Taylor wrote:

DT>On Thu, 22 May 2008, Hartmut Brandt wrote:
DT>>Derek Taylor wrote:
DT>>> This question was previously posed of the freebsd-questions list, but
DT>>> with no response for a week, I'd like to try my luck here.  If there's
DT>>> any more information I should include, please speak up: I would be glad
DT>>> to oblige.
DT>>> I would like to use smb/cifs with kerberos auth, but mount_smbfs doesn't
DT>>> seem to support this.
DT>>> Is anyone aware of an alternate means of performing a mount via smb/cifs
DT>>> or any patches to provide such functionality?
DT>>> I already have smbclient working with -k, but I am also interested in a
DT>>> mount.
DT>>Try smbnetfs from ports. It's fuse based and seems to work very nice. If 
DT>>you have a large amount of shares floating in your network you want to 
DT>>restrict it to mount only the needed shares via the config file. 
DT>>Otherwise it will mount what it can find...
DT>>It plays nicely with kerberors. When your ticket expires you immediately 
DT>>loose access; when you renew it you gain access again. All without the 
DT>>need to unmount/mount. Just call smbnetfs once you have your ticket. You 
DT>>may even do this from your .profile.
DT>Sorry for not replying sooner.
DT>Initial tests here are promising (I can see some mount paths being
DT>exported from the server), but it's not fully working (I don't see all
DT>of the mount paths that *should* be exported and I get permission denied
DT>errors).  My thoughts are leaning towards an issue in negotiating auth
DT>with the server -- perhaps my krb creds aren't being used?

You can test this easily: if your ticket expires you get permission denied 
errors when you try to look into the mounted directories. As soon as you 
renew the ticket you get access again. All without restarting smbnetfs.


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