Is there any way to increase the KVM?

Tz-Huan Huang tzhuan at
Sun Jun 1 08:43:56 UTC 2008

On Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 4:03 AM, Maslan <maslanbsd at> wrote:
> Your are right PAE is for i386, i mean try running i386 freebsd with
> PAE enabled rather than amd64. PAE will let you access 64GB which is
> far than you got.

The whole 8G physical memory is available in our system, the point we
concerned is that the kernel cannot use more than 2G memory in kernel

AFAIK there is still only 4G virtual memory available for one process
in i386 even if the PAE is enabled, and the upper part of the 4G virtual
memory is mapped to the kernel memory. For example, if the KVM size
is 2G, then there is only 2G left for one process because the upper 2G is
mapped to kernel space. So there is still a limitation of KVM size in i386
with PAE. The limitation should be 2~3G I think.

Since the server is on line now, we cannot re-install it to i386 to check this.
We'll try it if we have spare machines.


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