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Matteo Riondato matteo at
Mon Jan 15 20:43:40 UTC 2007


today is a good day, as we, the FreeSBIE team, reached our goal:
it's the day we release FreeSBIE 2.0.
Development cycle started on August 2006 and, after many months and a
series of four ISO images, an official stable FreeSBIE image is now
available. It went under many changes, many experiments, many
bugfixes, many features' additions, but it was worth the work and the
time we spent on it. We must express our thanks to everyone involved
in the release process. 

FreeSBIE 2.0-RELEASE (codename Clint Eastwood) is based on the fresh
FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE, both in terms of sources and of packages. It
contains more than 450 pieces and 1,3 gigabytes of software, all in a
single CD-ROM of 668 megabytes.

The ISO image can be download from FreeSBIE official mirrors, a list
of which is available at

MD5 checksum for the ISO image is:
MD5 (FreeSBIE-2.0-RELEASE.iso) = bb98890aa8ce4fd9d35b5842baa34fdb

For you BitTorrent lovers:

Screenshots are available at

Release Notes, Manual and FAQ can be found at

Feel free to send feedback and bug reports to staff at .

Enjoy FreeSBIE and spread FreeBSD!

Thank you all.
Best Regards
Matteo Riondato
FreeBSD Committer (
G.U.F.I. Staff Member (
FreeSBIE Developer (
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