New tutorial for review: "libelf by Example"

Joseph Koshy joseph.koshy at
Sat Feb 10 05:58:53 UTC 2007

Howdy list,

A tutorial introduction to the ELF(3)/GELF(3) API set is
available for review at the following URL:

  "libelf by Example"

The intent is to add this tutorial to our documentation

- Covers the basics of the ELF format and ELF data
- Contains an introduction to the ELF(3)/GELF(3) API set.
- Has 6 annotated programs showing the use of the
  API set:
  - Getting started with the elf(3) library.
  - Reading ELF data structures in an ELF object.
  - Creating new ELF objects.
  - Iterating through an ar(1) archive.
- 12 figures.

I would greatly appreciate review comments from people
with ELF expertise.

FreeBSD Volunteer,

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