what happened to make world?

soralx at cydem.org soralx at cydem.org
Thu Aug 30 22:08:13 PDT 2007

> # make world
> WARNING: make world will overwrite your existing FreeBSD
> installation without also building and installing a new
> kernel.  This can be dangerous.  Please read the handbook,
> 'Rebuilding world', for how to upgrade your system.
> Define DESTDIR to where you want to install FreeBSD,
> including /, to override this warning and proceed as usual.
> You may get the historical 'make world' behavior by defining
> HISTORICAL_MAKE_WORLD.  You should understand the implications
> before doing this.
> Bailing out now...
> *** Error code 1
> Stop in /usr/src.
> Now, THIS is quite funny... do you really thing that a person with
> - root access
> - the knowledge of the existence of "make world"
> needs this sort of things?

it says 2 very important things:

 -- `make world` will overwrite (keywords here) existing base system
    (very well known as the 'world') without you explicitly telling it
    to (i.e., no 'install' string visible anywhere in the command line,
    but that's actually what it does);

 -- kernel is outside the world (slightly counter-intuitive), and
    installing world before kernel _can_ be dangerous (anyone

so yes, it is more user friendly
but this change causes very little inconvenience, thus could be
considered an improvement

Enough said

> I didn't see anything about this new-wave-of-user-friendly-bsd going
> on the list.. have I missed something?

[SorAlx]  ridin' VS1400

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