Upgrading from FreeBSD 5.3 to 6.2

Ivan Voras ivoras at fer.hr
Sat Aug 25 08:22:01 PDT 2007

Jose-Marcio Martins da Cruz wrote:
> I found Ralph Engelschall scripts to upgrade FreeBSD systems.
> http://people.freebsd.org/~rse/upgrade/freebsd-upgrade-5x-6x.txt

> Probably this line tell me that I can't use it to upgrade from 5.3 to
> 6.2. If I'm write, what can I do and how to modify it to upgrade a 5.3
> box ? Any other suggestion ???

5.3 contains enough "new-style" FreeBSD features that upgrade should go
without problems. The instructions at the above link are a bit
over-cautious but look correct. If you ever did any FreeBSD upgrades
successfully (following documented procedures), you probably already do
everything that's necessary, there's nothing very specific to do about 5.3.

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