Relocatable intel 'em' driver patch(intel v6.4.1)

Sean Bruno sbruno at
Wed Aug 22 14:29:19 PDT 2007

I did a small amount of search and replace against the intel em ethernet 
driver to allow it to be relocatable today.  If anyone is interested, 
here is the diff against my tree.

So, one should be able to copy v6.4.1 of the intel driver into the 
kernel src tree, overwriting RELENG_6's version and apply this diff.  
I've tested it a couple of times, but buyer beware.  This might just be 
a good reference for someone wanting to do the same thing I needed to do.


P.S I'm not sure of the history here, but is there any specific reason 
that this driver is being maintained outside of the mainline kernel 
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