REQUEST FOR TESTERS: `devel/mingw32-gcc'

Coleman Kane cokane at
Tue Aug 21 09:53:27 PDT 2007

Coleman Kane wrote:
> Lev Serebryakov wrote:
>> Hello ports,
>>   Latest versions of `mingw32-binutils' and `mingw32-bin-msvcrt' were 
>> committed.
>>   `mingw32-gcc' is on pipeline.
>>   But it is BIG update: new version is 4.2.0
>>   I ask you to test this `almost new' port before commit.
>>   Many thanks to Coleman Kane <cokane at>, who helps me to 
>> prepare this update.
> I'd like to know what everyone else's experience with these new 
> mingw32- ports are. So far I have been building Win32 applications 
> from my FreeBSD box with these versions quite successfully. I think 
> that the binutils and GCC are actually newer than the ones currently 
> shipping with the MinGW32 binary distribution too.
> -- 
> Coleman Kane
I haven't seen any activity on the above email, and I am curious if:
  1) It was missed (and this really does affect people)
  2) Nobody cross-compiles using the mingw32-* ports (it is really very 
  3) Nobody really cares that mingw32-gcc will move from 3.4.5 --> 4.2.0

Please, if this affects you test out the above port tarball! Otherwise, 
this will end up going in and not take into account any problems that 
might arise in your environment.

Coleman Kane

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