process freeze (state *inp)

Julian D. Seifert alamar at
Mon Aug 20 08:50:06 PDT 2007


I'm running an ircd (derived from unrealircd) on a FreeBSD 5.5-Release.
Most times it runs totally okay but sometimes (not reproducable) 
the process freezes with state "*inp" shown with "top".

On no other operating system this problem occurs.
(Linux 2.6.x and FreeBSD 6.2 and -Current) 

When I googled for information I found this in the FAQ of unrealircd:

I assume the bug they refer to is also present in 5.5-Rls and that this is
the cause of the random freezes. I asked the unreal developers if they
know any more specifics but they didn't. 

Does anyone know what "tcp socket bug" they are referring to?
I'm not so familiar with the FreeBSD kernel(and debugging it etc.)
The simplest solution is probably to upgrade to 6.2 but I'd prefer fixing the
bug for 5.5..

(I forgot to mention that I formerly had 5.4-RLS installed and experienced the
 same problem) 

	Julian D. `alamar` Seifert

"Emacs is a nice operating system, but I prefer UNIX." - Tom Christiansen

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